Ladies has a guy not been interested in you at first until you've earn his interest?

It seems like it's always women who are not interested in a guy at first until she see's a different side of him, because guys are always try again to see if he can win a woman over.

Women I think have too much pride to try to win a guy over a second time, because women want to be more important by giving guys a challenge.

I'll just get to the point, ladies when you flirted with a certain guy, has he only thought of you as a friend until he started to develop a crush on you? Even guys can't come off as too easy.


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  • It happened to me once. We were best buds and he would just brush off my attempts. I continued being friends with him. It took another guy showing interest in me to make him realize he liked me too. Guys are not as easy as you think, yes they're easy when it comes to sex but not relationships.


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