What do I do when all hopes gone?

I know I have to have a high selfesteem and I know that I should go for it because "whats the worst that could happen" but I Haven't had a girlfriend that I acctually liked my whole life, I seem ugly I guess, I never really thought of myself that way untill high school. I'm very skinny but very muscular and it doesn't show I really just look like a stick and girls don't like that right? it like almost breaks my heart when I am texting a girl and I ask if I seem athletic or what I look like to them they say not athletic or like a lazy guy that doesn't eat. Please don't give me any answers that you would normally say because I have heard all of them. I know it would be better to go to a gym but I can't because my parents won't take me, I try my best but I just want a pretty girlfriend, is that to much to ask?


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  • Everyone wants an attractive partner! Your time will come, fear not!


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