Guys: Would you be startled if one day she didn't wearing make up?

My boyfriends seen me once without make up before we started dating and since then I've worn it every single day. But some days I'm not in the mood to put it on. I know I look better with make up on (I don't cake it on and some people don't even realize I'm wearing it lol) but what would you think if one day your girl came to school/college/ a date without make up when she usually wears it? Even though you might not mention it or tell her she looks wonderful what would you think? Remember she does look better with make up on so there might also be some loss of sexual arousal.

  • You deserve a day to look like sh*t if you want to
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  • You should always get dulled up for your boyfriend even if you're just going to school
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  • I never had a problem seeing my ex without makeup on. In fact I think it is kind of nice to see the woman behind the mask and I thought she still looked beautiful. I agree with TheDigitalSaint.

    • I've never seen it from that point of view :)

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  • I dated a girl once, and she didn't wear make up one day. I never noticed how much she looked like her dad.

    Sorry, that's probably not helping. It's not a big deal, some guy is going to see you at your absolute worst at some point. If you're saying some people can't even notice the difference, I'm sure you look just as good without it.

    • LOL oh god

    • Haha they notice when I'm not wearing it because I don't look good. In fact, I usually look sick/depressed/angry etc. I don't look pretty. What I mean is for people who only see me with make up, they sometimes don't even realizing I'm wearing it. They just assume that's how I look.

  • Some girls can get away better without makeup than others. If your natural skin is clear and healthy, I'm not a fan of a girl wearing makeup. If she has some blemishes she's trying to conceal, then fine, wear the makeup if you wish. Make up should make you feel good about yourself if you wear it, and your happy face should be what your guy appreciates. Unless you have a lot of blemishes that you wish to cover, I see no harm in not wearing makeup once in a while. I'm of the less-is-more school.

    • Yup. I have more spots than a cheetah. But do you think I deserve a day with no make up?

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    • It might a bit, but for one day, it won't hurt too badly. If you decide to stop wearing makeup completely (or regularly) and you do look much better with it on, then yes, it probably would. It really depends upon how many blemishes you have. Trying to get more sleep, drinking more water and eating as healthy as you can are other ways to try and make your skin look great without a bunch of makeup. Once again, balance is key.

    • Thank you

  • Naw..I am Very Well Experienced and I am very happy with females with no make up...I can handle some makeup as well (indeed I even expect it..sigh) What I can't handle is when condescending shrews tell me that, after 35 or 40 years of marriage & dating...that I don't know the mfing difference...):):):


    • Don't know the difference of when a girl is wearing make up or not? I wasn't refering to men. I was refering to women. And there are women that even I can't tell if they're wearing make up or not. I apologize for my poor phrasing. If you could make a third option that you would like to choose, what would it be? And if you are insinuating that I look fine without make up, you my good sir, don't know what I look like lol And it's not a confidence thing. It's simply acceptance.

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    • If you look THAT different without makeup ...then you are wearing WAY to much makeup../:

    • Haha I look very different because my eyelashes are blond so without make up I look like I don't have any. But with make up, I look like the average brunette or black-haired person. And my acne is waaaay less noticable. And my skintone is more even than blotchy.

  • need an option of "shouldn't wear make up from the start of it all anyways" :|

  • There's no need to wear make up especially for your age.

    • I have acne and very uneven skin :)

    • I use to has zits the size of bolts and I still have acne but, I mean if he cares about it wouldn't matter.

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  • If he is worth keeping around at all, he will think you are beautiful regardless.

    • Oh girl I know he won't say anything and he won't love me any less. But I might I'll look less physically attractive and I don't want to hinder his mojo.