Woman says she probably sees me more as a friend but acts interested...ladies help.

Ok so a week ago I went speedating and hit it off with this woman. The next day they give you the e mails of people who had mutual interests. So this woman expressed interest as did I and I got her e mail. I e mailed her a day later and asked to meet up. She said she liked me but said I seemed kind of young. Once I told her I was like ten years younger she kind of implied she'd still go out with me but as a friend. So when I texted her to say hey and what's up, etc...she called me back right away and asked how I was doing how my day was what I did the past weekend, etc.

So we have plans to get together and she seems interested, yet expressed earlier in the e mail that we could hang out as friends(presumably Because of the age difference)--so I don't get it is this a test does she probably like me or not. I'm confused. Ladies advice please. Thanks


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  • The age difference probably just scared her. If she wants to hang out so badly, she probably most definitely likes you more than just a friend. I say you hang out and get to know each other a lot better, and most likely she'll make it more obvious that she likes you. Age is just a number and she will figure that out soon enough. Time is a virtue, but only when spent together. Go for it.


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