What's up with this guy?

So, I was talking to this guy for a few months (mostly texting). Just getting to know each other basically, and we went out twice. But I started to notice that he just wasn't the type of guy I wanted to date: kind of immature, really kiddish, and a bit boring honestly... that type of thing really. So I wanted to be nice about letting him know that I wasn't into him that way anymore because we weren't going out or anything. He'd just say that he wants to ask me out but will take a long time, and stuff like that. I didn't do what I did to hurt him or anything, I just didn't want to lead him on by making him think I had feelings for him when I didn't. So it's been awhile since that happened, and he STILL constantly texts me everyday. I figured he'd do that at first since you obviously can't get over someone in a few days, but it's been almost a month now and I don't get it! He never has anything super interesting to say or anything, he just says 'hey' and 'wassup'! I don't want to be mean to him, but it's pretty annoying when someone doesn't seem to get the message! And no, I'm not just some bitchy girl who can't

appreciate when a guy is interested in her. I've just moved on and I don't know what to do about him...


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  • I doubt he cares because you've seen him twice. You can't get to know someone from texting. link


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