Should I ask him why he didn't kiss me?

i'm texting him right now but we went on a date and he didn't kiss me and I was wondering if I should straight up ask him or if that's be weird. also, if I should, how do I ask it?


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  • Might be a little weird, especially if there was no window of opportunity to kiss. I'd wait till the next date, force a window of opportunity and if it doesn't happen then ask why not, although I can imagine that might be an awkward conversation.

    • haahaha that's what I was thinking it has just been bugging the crap out of me!

    • I don't just randomly force my lips upon a girl. However, everything is about timing. So, if I'm hanging out with a girl and all the circumstances just perfectly add up for a perfect moment to give her a kiss, I'll take it. But like I said, I definitely wouldn't force it. That might lead to awkward kisses...

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