What is wrong here ? any advice?


am 24 , and I had a lot of crushes going on but every single time I fail , at first all the signs are clear and I say to my self he is definitly going to ask me out , and then nothing they run away , every time is the same thing , am I doing anything wrong ? and how to forget about them and move on ? am so sick and tired of it


i didn't know how to ask the question but am gonna do my best here it goes :

am a good looking girl ( every body told me that ) , tall , hazel eyes , black her , not skinny but alright , a bit shy , funny , outgoing but only with my friends of course

( well to be perfectly honest , sometimes I act like am not interested in the guy even though I like him a lot , because I didn't know how to show it , and when I do show it , it will be too late I guess ) that what happens most of the time)


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  • I am sorry, but you have given no information whatsoever to tell you something about.

    My guess is that you are perfectly normal person and that you are not doing anything wrong. Anything at all. What seems like a cause of this is that you are not doing anything right either.

    But you have not given any information at all to give you any pointers on. If you don't mind, you can write me and we can talk about is so somebody talks you and make you feel good for a change.

    • thank you very much for your concern , that is so sweet of you I will try to make things clear in the update and I will email you very soon , thank's again

    • I would suggest now that you find one simple clear way to show that you like a guy. Very simple.



      -"I like when you do that."

      -"Thank you for being around."

      of just plain "Thank you."

      When sincere every one of those will work and they are simple. Even shy person will manage to do it. Should help. If not, come back with result and we can help more.

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  • Look, you can't ask this question without telling us somehting about yourself. Your looks, your relationship history...clearly there's a reason for this, but I'd just be wildly guessing to say what it might be.

    • thank you very much for your concern I will try to make things clear in the update , thank's again

    • I think guys are picking up the idea you're not interested in them, and most guys won't hang around to check if they're right, theyll just be gone as you have found.

      You have to find some way to tell them you're interested. In an earlier day, girls would drop a handkerchief! I guess that wouldn't work now...Maybe ask them a couple of questions about their interests, likes/dislikes, just to show you're paying attention to them. See how they respond!

  • So, hinting your feelings a little to him may work, but I strongly recommend that you just do what you do now, only in this way can you find someone truly loves you, guys who just finch from your pretending(acted like you are not interested in) worth not loving. Cause no one likes cowards...OK , good luck and I believe you find someone excellent.

  • I do not know , If you live close to me , I would like you to ask me , so I can see what is going on . May by I can help you if you practice on me to see , get a better idia of what you are doing .

    Have a Good Day !



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