I'm scared about prom...what if I don't get a date?

what if I don't get a date? me and my best friend don't have dates yet but some of the people in our group that we're going with do. I'm freakin' out.

Around here is the type of town that EVERYONE has a date, the big picture taking, and the guy always asks a girl. Ahh I'm scared lol help


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  • don't stress it, later on you'll realize that the point of prom wasn't to have a date, it wasn't to get dressed up, and it wasn't to dance. The point of prom is to have one last hurrah with your classmates before you all go your separate ways. So you can go worry about your dress, hair, and finding a date if you want to but the only thing that really matters is just having fun.

    • it's junior prom lol

    • well in that case just be glad that you school does junior prom and remember that you have an entire year to find a date for the real prom.

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  • i went to prom with a blind date. I don't regret it for a second, had a blast dancing with a cute guy, never saw him again, it was great. prom isn't as big a deal as it's made out to be. have fun, ask one of your guy friends to with you as your date. when you look back on it after high school, prom REALLY doesn't matter.