Do ya think there is a chance of anything romantic between us?

long story short my guy friend and I hooked up during a break with my man, wile at the time yes it was a mistake now things with my man are on hold. SO I want to make sure I know all my options. After we hooked up my man fount out and got super mad and he knew I would go back to my boyfriend. A few weeks later he texted me and asked if I got back with him I said yea and asked about his ex cause he said something about her. He said yea he got back with her and was really quiet about it . Well we have been Facebooking lately and he gets a little flirty with me . When we hooked up he stayed at my place for a few nights and invited me to go to his graduation. Well he's always had a thing for me since we were little and admitted that to me . I don't want to get serious with him just ya know maybe have a fling nothing serious cause I don't want to fall for him . Do ya think their could be something romantic their ?


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  • You like walking on thin ice don't you? This has bad news written all over it. Flings just like friends with benefits always cause drama and someone gets hurt. If you know he likes you and you have no interest in dating him back, leave it be. You can't have your cake and eat it to.

    • lol yea I'm always on this ice , but yea I see your point I'd really hurt him

    • Had a friend who did this to my buddy. She knew he liked her but she didn't really want to date him, so instead she just hooked up with him and had this little fling for about a month, then all of a sudden she shows up to a party at my place (my buddy was there), with her new BF. Needless to say my buddy was devastated because he though something more had been going on between them. Don't toy with others feelings just so you can have some fun.

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