What is the likelihood of this happening? Do you believe in fate?

I signed up on a dating site after being single for 4-5 months. After I made my profile I hit the browse button to start looking for people and the FIRST person I see is my EX. Seriously, I was so in love with her and thought we were meant to be together and she crushed me and I was just starting to get over her and she is the first person I see out of 100,000+ people. What are the odds of that? Things did not end well so I'm scared to talk to her but that is just weird in my opinion. Thoughts?


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  • Well.. for 5 minutes try to forget the fact that you love her and think whether she is a good girl .. one in a million..she has a heart that no one else has.. you will give up everything for her, she is not rude or insensible .. she is decent and loyal .. if these apply to her, then go on and call her. But if she doesn't, and you just "love" her , though she isn't worth it , then I say forget about it :)

    • Amen. If she is then contact her through sms or phone call.. Not through the site.

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