Why does she keep texting me after huge breaks with no communication?

There's this girl I really like, but after 3 or 4 dates she hasn't really allowed me to take things further (as in a simple kiss) so I've assumed she's uninterested.

She's probably the busiest person I know so my assumption is that she likes me but doesn't have time for me. So I've kinda just been givin up and trying to move on.

She always keeps in touch with me though so its hard. We definitely aren't "just friends" because I've never hung out with her besides on dates.

Anyway, I never text her but she texts me. And when I text back it takes her forever to respond but she ALWAYS responds.

The other day she texted me out of the blue apologized for acting strange on our most recent date and that she was just really tired. I told her it was alright and struck up a conversation with her. We talked for a little until she stopped responding. I thought that was the last I'd here from her until three days later (today) she texted me "sorry for not responding, but yeah.." and proceeded to continue the conversation.

Anyway, why does she do this to me? I'm not the one texting her. I feel like if she didn't like be she would just stop texting me in general after such longs breaks of no communication. Its really confusing because I don't go out of my way to talk to her yet I find that we are for whatever reason always in touch.

can anyone explain this?


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  • She's definitely interested, maybe just not rushing for sexuality.

    • thanks man. why do you think we hardly talk at all then? It just feels so weird to like someone but have little communication with them you know? probably just because she's busy I guess?

    • Yeah, I'd say she's probably busy, considering she does maintain connection.

      Maybe if you texted her sometimes as well, she'd reply sooner? (Just don't go overboard with it)

    • Yeah good call. I guess I should wait for her to be less busy before I decide to let her go. spring break off from school will be nice. Thanks for the encouragement

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