Should I text him or wait?

Okay so first off I'm not the person who things they should wait on the guy to do the talking or have so many texts before I should text and all of that crap. BUT...I'm having an issue with being the one to text first lately after he says he'll text me but then doesn't. Now..I told him I don't play games and bs and I can just quit talking period but he said that would suck because he likes talking to me and cares about my feelings.

If that is true then WHY is he going a day or more without texting me when he said he would after being so sweet and talking a lot the night before? We're not kids and I'm wanting to go out tomorrow night with him but he doesn't know it yet...I just HATE being the one that looks like I'm chasing him when I'm always texting him because he doesn't (lately). He used to be better with it but now he's slack and he's NOT that busy...I know.

thinks* not things...sorry
He said he doesn't want to stop talking to me so I don't see how he'd be losing interest in me...


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  • Ask him to marry you..

    Stil if he refuses you and not concentrating on you then may be he is busy with some stuff...

    And if he is not stuck in some work then I think he is no more interested in you...

    • lol to MARRY ME? He's not busy when he's posting and talking on Facebook...I just wonder if he's wanting me to chase him because one I text him he just talks and talks. He'll apologize when he knows he hurts my's just confusing!

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