Ladies- What are you thinking about on the second date?

Do you plan on getting kissed? Do you want to have the guy hold your hand? Do I have to pass a big test to get a third date? Basically, I'm preparing my emotional shield for tomorrow night when I go on my second date with this girl I really like. I want to get a third date with her very much. I just hope being fun and interesting allows this to happen. I'm not great at taking the initiative to be touchy feely, but everything I read says if you don't touch her or kiss her on the second date that your chances are zero for being her boyfriend.


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  • I kind of want the guy to hold my hand and If I like him I'm just like I wonder when we are going to have our first kiss is he just going to peck me or invade my bubble and eat my face... ... don't be to aggressive that's a turn off... don't make out with or get to inimate... if you like her a lot show up with a flower (rose))) and give it to her I'm still waiting for that guy to give me one.. but don't go crazy and get her a 24 flower bouquet she might think you're crazy and will become a stalker ex or something just be you're self.


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  • It depends on the guy. Sometimes you're thinking about the way those sultry lips or strong hands would feel on you, other times you're assessing what he says, listening for clues he's giving you about his personality. If the former prevails it's a little distracting, so the latter can't take place with too much accuracy, lol.

  • I hope you aren't any older than 14...If you are, that's just pathetic.


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