Why didn't he answer my text?

Okay, so this guy recently asked me if I wanted to go home from school with him, and later asked my number and texted me. He then started to text me, and approach me quite a lot in school... But just yesterday, I decided to write a text to him where I ask if I could still borrow this thing from him, which he told me that I could..

But, he didn't answer my text... I find it rather strange, because I know he can't live without his phone. Why could this be? (I know I'm a bit overly-self-conscious. I just really don't want to screw things up..)


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  • How long has it been? Don't sweat it. Maybe he's tird of initiating and wants you to text first for once, or maybe he was busy and forgot.

    I'd consider texting again.. If he doesn't text back, then just wait for him to text you back first--before replying back.

    • I texted him in the evening yesterday, and now it's 10am. So, it's been about 15 hours.

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