Guys who talk about the future with you, plan on being part of it right?

Been dating for 2 months, however I am moving away in a couple weeks. He knows this but it hasn't seemed to effect his interest in me. However, the past couple weeks I feel like I might be coming on too strong. I am usually the one contacting him, simply because I don't want to wait around for him to contact me since time is limited.

Anyway, I worry a bit that my forwardness might be pushing him away a little bit. But at the same time, whenever I see him he makes comments about getting together soon. He is always saying, we need to keep in touch, I want to know what happens to you... and if I am ever where you are, I will look you up. And the last time he was here, we used the last of the condoms and he said he would buy more. He is out of town this week, but said 'we should get together next week' but never set a date.

I don't know anymore, I feel like I am making most of the effort here, but he is always receptive and keeps talking about the future and keeping in touch. Am I pushing him away, or just reading too much into things?

(I am not interested in seeing him once I leave, I just want this to continue til my last day here)


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  • If my best friend calls me every day, I don't feel the need to call him, simply because I know that he will contact me when he is available.

    This doesn't mean I don't care about him anymore. He is still my best friend. It is just that it would be ridiculous for me to try and contact him when I know that he calls me everyday.

    Might be analogous to your case. The fact that he doesn't initiate contact may not necessarily mean that you are pushing him away. May be he's just getting lazy because you initiate contact frequently anyways.

  • If you want it to continue until you leave and not any further after, tell him outright. That way he won't be worried about the emotional commitment and stressing about whether or not the two of you will be able to maintain a long-distance relationship. He may be talking about hte future because he thinks it's what YOU want. Even if it's what he wants, if you are only in it for the short term it's not fair to let him believe otherwise.

    I had one of these situations, and boy was it ever a torrid affair. There was a little sting when she finally left, but it's not like it was a shock out of the blue like a "normal" breakup.


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