How do I stop this cycle?

I've noticed a cycle lately with guys. I star dating a guy and I don't like him that much at first, and then when I really start liking them it seems like they always lose interest in me. Then I kind of obsess over them, until I meet a new guy and the cycle continues. Why does this keep happening?


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  • I cannot help but wonder that maybe what is really happening is that you are attracted to men that lose interest in you or emotionally unavailable. I wonder that you start liking a guy more when you pick up on subtle clues that he is just not that in to you, but you are misreading the timing and thinking he cools off AFTER you show interest.

    Something to consider.


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  • What is it you're doing? Are you being clingy? Are you always available? If so then that's probably why they lose interest. If you find yourself obsessing over a guy then you should find something to keep yourself busy. Go study, excercise, and/or hang with friends. Anything to keep from texting or calling him too much. Make yourself unavailable some of the time. Give him a reason to miss you.

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