What should I text my boyfriend right before he gets back from vacation?

I sent sweet texts to my boyfriend everyday while he was away during spring break. We've been together for 4 months now.

For some complicated reason, my boyfriend could neither text me back nor read my texts while on vacation. Hence, he will only be able to read all the texts I sent him once he's back home, so that means that he'll read them all in a row. I want my last text to make him really eager to see me :)

Among other things, I already wrote him stuff like :

- I thought about you all day. I miss you already

- Still thinking about you

- Already excited for you to come back

- Can't wait to hold you in my arms my love, I miss you a lot.

- I think about you with all my heart. Come back to me quick honey

Note: To me, all of those words seem a bit more casual written in context and in my native language of French.


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  • Hey I miss you hope you are okay .


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