I really need a prom date?

I have a girl in mind that I really want to ask. She is really cute and outgoing. I have her in just one of my classes. She talks to me, but rarely because I'm kind of a quiet guy, by choice. Should I get her to talk to me, or should I ask her about stuff like where she's going to college to get to know her better before I ask her?


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  • If it were me, I'd prefer it if you know me better. I don't really want to get asked out by a guy I only talk to occasionally... no offence. Talk to me more often and let me get to know you.

    • she's in just one of my classes so what? do I just ask her about herself and take it from there and ask her like a week or two from now?

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    • She's a pretty easy person to talk to and no one asked her to prom last year. I'm probably going to wait until the end of class Monday to talk or something, and then what should I do?

    • Talk, drop some hints. Then ask.

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