How do I get the guy I want?

I like this guy. Let's call him A. A has been friends with me for a while and I've recently started liking him more than just friends. He is one of the biggest fliers I know. He's charming, funny, and not to mention cute.

On the other hand, guy B likes me. He's sweet, heartfelt, funny, charismatic, and quite poetic. I also like this guy.

I'm attracted to both guys, but with A it's a rush to believe that I could be the one to halt his flirtatious behavior, but guy B ensures stability and support.

Who should I pursue?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Realistically you should choose B. However, you are clearly physically attracted to A. If you can't be physically attracted to someone, the relationship often does not work. If anything, you don't seem committed to either guy in which case don't go out with either of them.


What Girls Said 1

  • Well, I've been in your shoes before. And although you should go with "B" because he is more promising than "A", I just can't make that decision for you. You have to make that decision for yourself. However, since you're not committed to either one, date them both! You could make a list of A's pros/cons vs B's pros/cons, which every one has the more pros is the better guy for you. OR if you don't feel that spark between you and B (or A) then DON'T PICK HIM! If you still can't decide who you want then LET THEM BOTH GO!