Is this a good way to ask a guy to prom?

Via text

Me: :) I have a serious question to ask for real this time >:l so give it to me straight

Him: ok?

Me: Prom is Coming May

12...& I dnt have a date anymore

So I'd really like to go with you "as a friend", If you haven't asked someone else P.S really give it to me straight

Him: Long awnser short awnser who knows

Me: rejection: aw OK thanks anyways

Acception: yay :)! I'm so happy

I'm nervous :( I'm gonna ask tues


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  • Why "as a friend", you nutcase?

    • As a friend because he doesn't see me as anything else, he's made that clear so I don't want to scare him Away, we're really close & I really want to go with without giving the wrong idea

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    • If you can pay for the tickets I'm there =D Thanks for BA!

    • Lol no problem

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  • that would probably kinda piss me off :/ sounds like I'm a back up date or something so I would relunctantly agree then quickly find a way to back out as petty revenge

  • Don't say that you don't have a date anymore and make him feel like you're asking him as a last resort... Also I agree with ElijahCynicism, why as a friend? That's just gonna make him feel like you don't find him attractive, which means he'll probably say no.

    • He knows how I feel he sees me as a close friend I don't want to scare him away

    • Ah right OK, well no need to mention that part anyway I don't think.

    • Ya lol thanks I wont

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