How do I balance between seeming too interested and not interested enough?

Something that's frustrating me is that I will start talking to a girl, tell her that I want to take her for a date, to which she will agree and tell me that she'll let me know when she's not busy, only to go off of me or end up seeing another guy. It's happened a lot to me, and whenever I ask why I either get told that I put them off by being too persistent, or that I didn't seem interested enough and that I should have been more persistent and worked for their attention. It's so confusing, so girls, how can a guy work out when to be persistent and when to play it cool?


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  • Give the girl a few days to figure out when she is free. Ask her the weekend before wand follow up three days before the plans and the night before. Make sure you talk to her each day, but don't always being up your plans that will make you seem annoying. Don't be mad if she doesn't text you back right away she has a life of her own. Flirt with her but not constantly. That should be a good balance.

    • Ok thanks. What would you advise I do if she says she's really busy? And sometimes just doesn't reply to my texts at all?

    • Assume that she really is busy, ask the to give a day when she is free. That should avoid that problem and it is OK to double text if she doesn't reply if she's a busy girl, maybe she doesn't arty her phone around all the time.

    • Ok cool, thank you :)

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