Am I being blown off?

I was casually seeing this guy for a few months. We always hit off and had a lot in common. It also appeared he was openly dating other people because on myspace he would always have comments from girls like see you tomorrow or when are we going to hang out. This guy is 40 years old and most of his friends are like 22 to 25. The other day we had words via texting. After my text to him his only response was "whatever". I have not heard from him at all in 4 days now. Was his whatever pretty much a f*** off and I can expect to never hear from him again?


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  • Firstly, the girls on his MySpace could just be female friends and wanna hang out with him as he seems like a cool guy. Please don't automatically assume that he is dating other girls, unless you know this is conclusive. Also you are both not officially an item so he feels he can date other girls. Its clear you have feelings for this guy, have you spoken to him about how he feels? Its important that you both establish where your both heading.

    Secondly the text. I do find that texting a serious conversatioon can often backfire as texts can be misintepreted. I always feel talking face to face is the best, other at least on the phone so you can grasp what the other person is feeling. It seems like he replied "whatever" as he may possibly have been annoyed by your previous text. Did you reply back to him since? If not, he may be thinking your off with him and therefore both of you are not contacting each other.

    I advise you contact him and ask to see in person so you can both chat. That way you can rekindle what you had and gives you the opportunity to tell him how you feel about him, hopefully edging you 2 more closer and talking it further.


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  • No one will be able to answer this. We don't know the guy. It could really go either way. If he's the type of guy that would not talk after whatever fight then yes that may have been it. Then again, he could just need some time to cool off. I don't even know what the fight was about so really, it's a little hard to answer this. We are not mind readers.

    • In the few months of us hanging out he has been very open will call to discuss w me any situation going on. to date he has always been very open and honest w me. the words started over that day on myspace he moved me to the very last of his friends and when I asked him why he said because he put me where I had him on mine. I guess this hurt his feelings but I never had any idea cause we just talked abt how he liked me more then friends but was not ready due to we are getting to still know each

    • Call him. Maybe his feelings are hurt and his pride has stepped in. I would call him and talk about it. What was the fight over?

    • After the myspace conversation I asked him if he was really into or not. his response was "think about I appear to be into you? LOL you are such a dork" That really confused me so I responded that sometimes he does not seem to be into me and it drove me crazy. he said back "good. I like to see emotion LOL" all that really frustrated me and I told him he was acting weird and just tell me. that is when he responded whatever. I put on myspace as being hurt and still have not heard from him