Can a guy be in love and in lust with 2 people?

my boyfriend has a friend who has a girlfriend whom he claims to be in love with. there is another girl with whom he always had a thing for. one night he went out with friends and she was there they danced and kissed. my boyfriend told him he needs to make up his mind and choose be single and play around or be faithful. his friend said he is in love wiyh his girlfriend but is in lust with the other girl. is that possible that is bs I think what do you guys think


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  • I was in love with my best friend and in lust with a guy I was in seen now before this I thought it wouldn't be possible to feel towards to people at the same time but I did but this guy your talking about cheated on his girlfriend with the girl e lust after and in this to me say s he does not love his girlfriend.

    • i agree as long as you don't act it out I guess but still I don't want to know if my boyfriend is lusting after someone

  • Anyone a guy or a girl can be in love with one and lust after another, even more than just one. What makes someone a good person or not is how they choose to deal with it. Kissing the other girl makes that guy a bad person.