Why only freaks approach me? what about the cute guys? why they don't do anything?

People ask me how come I never had a boyfriend, if I am cute and nice...well n1 would be that I am the nerd type, so I wasn't social in college was a study nerd...

don't actually have guy friends and know many guys...

and guys that approach me or get to know me are the ones I kind was friends with and end up stalking me and being creepy or you know bold creepy ones...


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  • Its all about being confident and not looking, so become comfortable with being single, then the guys will notice that you are worth approaching because your not looking for just somebody, your be surprised at what this does for a guy when he notices, if you have talent, it won't go unnoticed,x

    • i have always been comfortable in being single like I never reallly cared to have a boyfriend before and maybe that's why it never happened...but now that I am quite "old" 27, even though I look 24 at the most, I think I should get one before it's too late lol

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    • I actually lie to people like I pretend I had already had sex, because of my age, as I think people would assume I did so I just go with the flow, I don't say I did, but I don't say I didn't either lol...but my friends who know they treat me different because of it, like I was immature and not a woman because of it, they do treat me different so I think it will be a shock to whichever guy I end up with...the 19 year olds are usually more forward than the older ones...

    • It might be a shock to a guy, but a pleasant one, trust me on that, so don't ever think your less of a woman because of it, your more of one because of it, and the reason others put you down is because of jealousy, you have succeeded where they have failed, your a rare breed, not many women have the talent you have obviously, and yeah, teenagers are more forward, and cut to the chase, where other guys like to get to know before deciding to chase lol,x

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  • As Jerry Seinfeld said, "98 percent of the population is undatable."

    Try not waiting for guys to approach you. Go mingle with the cute non-creepy guys, and you'll draw them in.

  • if the guy is good looking and cute they are of two types one who is born beautiful and one who have underwent much toil and sweat and was once rejected by every1 and hence they become smart and dashing now these guys develop ego pride and attitude at acceptable levels and hence they dnt approach ...they all can even be shy mind u


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