Should I text him?

well me and my boyfriend have been going around for 5 years now...but he is somehow not the person who is good at texting...he typically gives cold we don't really text each other most of the m just feeling little low lately, especially Because of this friend of ours who acts like she owns him or wtw!...anyway...i really am feeling lonely, since morning...whats worse is its a holiday! :-\ I have this urge to text him...n just wanna talk generally I really wanna know whether I shud?...m so scared about texting him and proabably getting really cold replies...n plus we have a sh*tload work to meet a deadline at he's definitely busy...wat to do? :(


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  • Just give him a call. If he's texting and giving short replies, you might end up feeling more alone than you do now. Or text him that you feel a bit down and you wanna call him or meet up, even if it is for an hour or two.

    • thanks...ur reply was perfect...except I wish you had replied earlier!... :(

      thanks...will remember it next time... :)

    • You're welcome :)

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