Why is he texting me several times a week, but doesn't seem to want to meet for real?

I met a guy last spring and it was obvious it was chemistry between us, however he had a girlfriend. Then they broke up around octobre, and in January he and me went out and he kissed me. After that he kept in touch with me sending very cute texts, but it didn't feel like he wanted to see me because we didn't see each other for weeks! The next time we saw each other was late in February and then more things happened between us and after that time he sent me more texts, even cuter, but like the last time it doesn't seem like he wants to see me, because then we should have by now instead of just texting? Is he just seeking self-ensureance by texting? I really don't get his behavior, because if I'm just a nightstand then he shouldn't text me things like "have a wonderful day!", "how are you?", etc... What's with all this?


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  • It sounds like he's keeping in touch with you in case he wants sex outside of his relationship.

    This is why he's messaging you and not meeting up, to hide it from his gf.

    If I was you, I'd dust my hands off and not bother with him. There's plenty of other guys out there who'll treat you better and honestly, that's what you deserve.