What to do and what not to do on a first date?

What are the basic "do's and dont's"

Like is kissing on a first date ok?

holding hands? etc.

Thanks for your answers in advance!


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  • ~Compliment her when you see her. This will give her a immediate confidence boost and you want this! You want her to feel good about herself so she can relax. She'll probably have put a lot effort into looking good and if you don't say anything she'll probably think you don't think she looks good enough.

    ~Ask her questions too. Don't just babble and ramble on about your life. Ask her some stuff too so that she feels like you care about her and her life and don't just answer with a blank answer. Try and show her you're interested in what she has to say.

    ~Be a gentleman still. Most girls really like good manners so if you're picking her up or driving anywhere open the door for her, pull out her chair and make her feel like a lady. Girls notice these things more than you'll ever understand because it just makes us feel pretty and cared for.

    ~Don't talk about your exes or comment on how beautiful your ex was. Anything that's irrelevant is just going to do more harm than good. No girl wants to know she has competition especially if she's really into you. That just makes a girls confidence go down. If the question on past relationships do arise then go ahead and tell her and be honest but don't overdo it and go about saying how in love you were with your ex the whole time.

    ~Don't stare at other girls or look away the whole time. That's a instant turn off and we'll get the idea that you don't want to be here and would rather be at the other table with the hot girl.

    ~Don't burp/fart/or swear excessively. Not on the first date when you're trying to create a good impression.

    ~Don't start making marriage proposals or overdo your undying love for her. That can be intimidating especially on the first date. Of course you can her you like her and that you really think she's amazing but just don't go overboard with what you're saying. You should try and keep a teeny tiny bit of mystery too.

    ~Halfway through the date tell her you're having a good time. Okay only say this if you really are, don't lie. But if you do then say so because that will immediately put us more at ease cause we're sitting there wondering what you're thinking about us and how we're doing.

    ~You are more than welcome to hold hands and kiss. If the mood is right. Don't sit there in some public restaurant and randomly give her a kiss for the first time in front of everyone. The setting should be romantic and note worthy and special! Holding hands is much more versatile and I would recommend it very much. Holding hands is always very nice.

    I hope this helps :)


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  • Depends on the person. If there was a set rule, dating would be a breeze.

    • I agree, but mostly.. I just wanna get a general idea.

    • Sometimes it is better to ask if she likes things that are gentlemanly before the date. I had one woman who was so pissed "I can get my own door" and didn't give me another chance.

      She may never kiss on the first date and wind up making out with you. It is whatever she feels comfortable with. I've had some women sleep with me on the first date. I didn't think less of them, but rather she had good taste. :)

      Ask her to describe her idea date in detail. Gives an idea of what she would like too.

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