If it still worth pursuing?

So a girl messaged me on a dating website I'm on. We messaged for a few days and then she added me on Facebook where we chat all night and she gave me her number to text her. So text quite regularly for a week and when she was out she texted me on Tuesday night at 2am saying when are we going to meet. So I say I'm free the on Thursady if that wasn't too soon and she said no that would be good. So Thursday comes we meet go round a gallery( which was bit lame, couldn't really talk as it was quieter than a library haha) then went to a bar which we were there for the next 4 hours. Played pool she won, I bought her a burger had like 6 rounds. Then she walked me to get my train and talked about meeting again and she said she would like that and would make the effort to come through to see me.

So I thought we had a good first meet. Talked about seeing each other again. And she asked me to text her when I got home. So I did but since that text goodnight she's not started any text chats and when I've asked her about the date she hasn't answered. In fact she hasn't texted since Friday I thought I would wait until she text to she if there is any interset from her.

It worth straightly asking where I stand?

What annoys me is she asked if I had been on a date before and I said yes that it went well but this "girl" at the end of it said she enjoyed the date but didn't want to see again and I thanked her for her honest. So why is this girl being like this if she knows I can handle being told an straight answer. I know she isn't busy she is on holiday until Tuesday so being too busy to text isn't an excuse. I hate when girls presume that "we should take the hint if we don't reply we aren't interested".


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  • If she hasn't responded to you, just move on. It's not worth pursuing

    • I know just annoyed that I mentioned I don't mind being told it was a good date but I don't think there is a spark and so I don't think it worth seeing each other. Being told we should meet again and being stuck in this limbo is annoying

    • why stuck in a limbo? What are you waiting for? You're annoyed and you don't even know her. You said it, "No spark", you don't think it worth seeing each other! Go with your gut feeling.

      Hey, at least one good thing, you had a great date. Just leave it at that, life goes on.

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