Being too nosey gets you in trouble...?

I have been dating a guy for 8 months now. He is honestly everything I have ever wanted. We have the same likes/dislikes. He actually moved from where he lived to be close to me, changed jobs etc. Well recently my computer has died so I have been using his for my online course. Well the other day he was at work and I couldn't find one of my projects. I was searching for it on the computer when I came across some folders... They were full of really strange p o are and o s. (I understand p o are n, seeing as I watch it myself from time to time) I really don't want to get into too much details on here but y'all can probably imagine... They were kind of disturbing and they wigged me out to a max. We have discussed the pictures with each other. He told me they were a thing of the past and he should have gotten rid of them a long time ago. He deleted all of them. I watched him do it and they were even erased from the recycle bin. Then on top of that I went one step worse today. He left his Facebook up. I have never been the nosey type of girlfriend. But after finding what I had found I thought I should check it out. I saw that before me he was talking to all these girls and telling all of them the same type of things he tells me. EX: "I'm am going to hold you and never let you go" "I want to be with forever" Using "Love" as the name. However about 3 months before we started dating it all died and convos begin to come up about him and I and how he was really falling for me.. Everybody in my family and all of my friends love him... I love him. Do I need to worry about how his past was? Or worse about some of the skeletons in his closet?


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  • You don't need to worry.

    You need to get away from him.

    He: "I'm loving, rich, caring, like long walks on the beach, beautiful sunsets, love children, ..."

    She: "You're so perfect! Do you have _any_ shortcomings?"

    He: "I lie"

    • I hate to say that I think your right. I know he lies seeing as I have caught him in some before.

      The only thing I have noticed is that he is trying to turn his life around. He's been involved in some pretty bad things in the past but he moved away from that to the town I originally met him. He's working on getting back in school and cut all ties with anyone that is bad news. He has basically isolated himself in this town now with me.

    • I suppose another thing to ask is this. The saying is true about cheaters. "Once a cheater always a cheater". It's must be the same about liers. Once a lier always a lier?

    • I kinda-sorta had the same problem with my son. Drugs, jail time, ...

      He straightened himself out and is now in college.

      BUT --- and this is important --- he never lied --- no matter what the consequences.

      Another 'but': if he's a good enough liar, I'd never know, right. :-)

      I think the answer to the cheater question is almost always 'yes.' I put in the 'almost' because there may have been one or two in the history of the world who reformed.

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