How do you show the first date went well, ladies?

For ladies or guys if they are interested in answering the above question.

For my situation specifically I went to a concert with a girl last night that I like, but am not totally sure if she likes me back yet. We've known each other a few weeks now and haven't really flirted all that much yet. Here's some details about the date:

-We had some really good conversations getting to know each other better before the concert. She was easy to talk to.

-We both laughed a lot and smiled a lot while talking.

-Both of us maintained steady eye contact while talking.

-She had her hair in a different style (looked really good) and a nicer outfit on.

-At the end of the date she said she had a really good time and thanked me for taking her and she'd see me on Monday (in class).

I'm not the best at flirting but I mentioned that her hair looked pretty. I'm not entirely sure if she flirted with me or not or even if she likes me so that's what my question is if anyone thinks she's interested in me or not.

Also we didn't touch at all and the music wasn't really the kind where anyone dances to it. Since we didn't know each other that well and this was the first time we were hanging out outside of class I didn't really consider it a date and I don't think she did either, probably thought it was just a fun time getting to know each other.


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  • If she said she genuinely had a good time(and by the info of events that happened), I'm sure she did..

    I think its in your best interest to follow up and ask for a second date before spring break!.

    • I'd really like to do something with her before spring break, but I don't want to come off as desperate or too available to her. Do you think she's interested tho? No one is answering that part of my question lol.

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    • ok I think I'm just going to ask her to lunch tomorrow. I'll probably text her once over spring break just to say hi too.

    • Good luck!

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  • Just relax and see how it goes in your class tomorrow

    • well do any of those things mean she could possibly likes me? I probably wouldn't see her again outside of class for awhile since spring break is next week and she is going home. would flirting more help lol? I haven't done a lot of it with her.

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    • ya of course, just put yourself out there and see how she responds, if she acts kind of stand off ish than don't take it personal and maybe she's just not all that interested.

    • kk will do.

  • Occasionaly talk to the guy... mabey I would call him alot... propse and offer for a seconde date...


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