I am really getting tired of hearing this from guys

I'm not trying to be mean, if it comes out that way - it's not my intentions - just letting you know right here.

Lately, I've been talking with other guys who are also virgins (like myself) and they have been talking about waiting for the right girl. I totally understand this.. because heck I'm doing the same thing in waiting to find my guy. However, once they describe the type of girl they are looking for.. I realize (and so do they) that I fit the complete description of the person that they are looking for. One exception being is that I am only "Average" looking and these guys are want an "attractive" girl. Plus, my personality is that of a white girl.. so these guys get super close to me, but since I'm not white (and these guys openly tell me they are only attracted to white or latino girls), I feel like they automatically rule me out as a potential partner. So at the end of the day.. no matter what some of you say.. looks really ARE that important to you guys? It doesn't matter that I have everything else going for me? lol that's just a little lame, but then again I guess that's how it goes.

So let me get this straight -- I'm not good enough looking for the good guys. Also, I won't put out until a serious commitment (marriage) -- so the guys who do like me, don't want to wait for me (at least that's what happened with the guy I love right now.. )

So .. I'm stuck either way? lol

Anyway, to all the good guys out there who are claiming to wait for the right girl to come along and are claiming these facts that you are looking for that "perfect" girl for yourselves.. are you seriously willing to rule out a girl due to her looks alone? Just because I'm brown skinned and Asian and I'm curvy and not thin -- that automatically rules me out?

Honestly, it doesn't matter at the end of the day.. But I'm just so sick of seeing these guys have double standards.. they are claiming to seek one thing, but then doing the complete opposite. I've come to terms to keep an open mind and an open heart.. maybe ya'll should too? At least it would be step one for ya'll to find the girl you like when she does come along. (That's to answer those questions in "how do I find a good virgin girl? or where can I find the good girls?" I'm just thinking that if ya'll are so close minded to begin with.. you might actually let a really good girl slip away even if you DO meet her and you will never know it!

-Sorry for the rant, I keep hearing guys say this stuff on this site and it bugs me out when I see what they really do!

I don't feel that I'm wrong on this, but what do you all think?


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  • As long as she is a girl who has a great personality and isn't flat out ugly, I wouldn't mind dating her. Actually, too attractive women intimidate me because I fear they are already experienced. I don't care about race (I'm half-Asian/Caucasian).

    I just want a girl to grow with. We can lose it to each other (can only be done once, right?) and we can get good at it together by sticking with each other. We can have a long term relationship that might even become marriage (I hope)!

    I don't care about waiting for marriage, but I don't want her to divorce me if she finds out I suck in bed like immediately after our wedding night (this is one of the biggest fears for guys saving it). Most people don't stay married to their first sex partner either. The next best thing (which is more realistic) is to have a long term relationship with the first girl. Because that is a special relationship which can never be replaced.

    If I end up sucking in bed, I would be so scared of the girl leaving me. I will never be able to see another girl again. I have to get good with my first! And if I get good with my first, then why should I leave her? She is my first love and I hers! It's awesome and arguably one of the most romantic achievements a man can hope for.

    I am beginning to feel like it might become impossible to meet a virgin girl who shares my views, and I will become an old man who never enjoyed sex in his youth (aren't guys supposed to be their best in their 20s? I'm 27!).

    • Don't worry, I know exactly how you feel. There aren't guys with your point of views anymore and there aren't girls with morals like mine and who want what I want anymore. We're rare.. but that's what makes us good. Good luck =)

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    • actually, I got a question for you, may I add you so I can ask? It's kind of personal.

  • First off: Just because their virgins or 'persons who wish to wait for marriage', doesn't automatically make them "nice guys"...

    Secondly: I consider myself a nice guy, and would only start something with a girl if I had feelings for her. Sometimes those feelings don't come about straight away, they present themselves after a vent of flirtatious encounters.

    and finally: For most young men like myself, marriage is the last thing on our minds. hence why 99.9% of people have pre-marital sex.

    • You're first comment is true.. I did assume wrong and I found that out.

      Your second comment may be true for you.. but these guys seemed to rule out those girls completely. I have a lot of guy friends and they do talk (though they think I don't get what they're saying lol)

      So, what does a girl like me do then? I'm not out just for the sex of it.. I wish I was, but that's just not me. I only get seriously sexually attracted to a guy AFTER I fall for him.. So, I just wait it out till we're older?

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    • Those guys sound very immature to me. If you're in high school, defiantly wait it out! If your in college, look around for a societies or clubs that has people who wish to do the same thing.

      or maybe a church group?

    • I did wait it out through high school, I'm in college.

      Thanks for answering.

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