I think he likes me but...

so I like this guy. he hugs me and texts me a lot. and he told me once that he didn't want to ruin our friend ship because we are pretty close. there's this guy at school who likes me now. My friend told me not to talk or look at him. there's another guy that likes me that walks with me to the bus somethimes. I always pass my friend and he usually just smiles at me but when I'm walking with the other guy he'll yell BYE! I can't just bring up the topic with him beecause I know how he is. but what can I do?


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  • I don't think thier is not much yo ucan do. You cna't help it if other guys like you, Your friend that texts you a lot told you that he didn't want to ruin the friendship so it's none of his buisness if other guys like you and he can't stop you from talking to them or looking at then. If he is jealous then that's his fault for nto goign out with you.


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