Should I call him? Please help me guys!

OK, this guy and I had this relationship where we both liked each other but neither of us would say so. Once he hinted he liked me, and he waited for me at the door after class in college, and I walked by... so basically I rejected him.

Since then, it was a silent relationship. We wouldn't talk. Then it was summer vacation and I thought I would see him again next semester so I have another chance. He didn't show up. I was heartbroken.

Then one day I see him working at the mall. He says "hello how are you?" with this huge smile like he is so happy to see me. I said good thank, you? He said fine, still grinning like a little kid. Then I said BYE. And I FREAKED OUT and left! I still regret it to this day. Next time I'm at the mall, he ignores me and just says "hey what's up?" and walks by me. He didn't even want to look at me or talk to me for that matter. I thought maybe he didn't like me anymore.

Then as I am walking outside once a couple months later, I see him in a car and he sees me. He keeps staring at me from the backseat as the car (his parents were driving) leaves.

It gave me a feeling that he still likes me. I am tempted to text him or call him. But over half a year past since we studied together (in June) and I think I should move on. But I can't. So should I text him?

Would it be weird? Or creepy? HELP!


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  • I have to agree with the guys... you did reject him so why not return the favor...if you truly like him text him and be like "hey, haven't talk to you in a while" and bring up that situation and explain yourself to him...then take it from this if your serious and stop playing mind games...guys have the same feelings as females their just better at suppressing them.


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  • Sounds like you're a f***ing a**hole is what it sounds like. Don't be a ****. Just leave him alone.

  • You like a guy, but you reject him.

    i can't help that level of insanity, sorry.


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