How long after a hook-up do you make contact again?

Supposing you had just met each other that night, hooked up, cuddled, fooled around, had sex, and exchanged numbers. When is it a good time to contact them again?

I met a girl at a party and brought her back to my place. Last I saw her was yesterday morning when she left my place. We hit it off and did everything I mentioned above. I have a very busy schedule ahead of me these next two weeks and I don't think I have a whole lot of time to set aside to spend with her. Should it be a phone call or a text message?


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  • I think you've waited long enough. Just send her a short little text saying you're glad you guys met and were able to get to know each other. And then just see what she resopnds. Later mention that you would like to see her again, but you've got a buys few weeks coming up.


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