Should I let him text me?

So, we have been hooking up for a month and we talk everyday. Mostly small talk. At the beginning he would text me first but the past week I have been the one texting HIM first. Should I back off and let him make the next move?


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  • When you text him, does he respond frequently?

    • Yeah, he responds every time I text him. I usually don't text him until later in the day, like around 4 or 5 because I wait to see if he is going to text me and when he doesn't I end up saying hi first. I just don't like initiating every conversation because I feel like maybe he doesn't say hi first because he doesn't want to really talk to me. I dunno..

    • I think he would not be responding if he didn't like you or want to talk to you. However, there is no need to text every single day. Wait like two or three days, then if he hasn't texted first, text him. His response should reveal a lot about what he's thinking.

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