How to repair my dating life?

OK, so I've reached a pretty bad point now. I am single the last three months, and while I seemingly had something going with a girl - she is in a relationship but might like me-, now she isn't showing signs anymore. I was talking with my ex every now and then (she was calling) and we fought the last time, because she was 'trying to help me' with the girl I like, and I told her this seems hypocretical and she said 'how can I be jealous, I have a boyfriend'. I know that she is either lying or trying to make me dead jealous, but it's working. I'm imagining that guy having sex with her and it's driving me insane!

I don't know what to do to get back up. I'm hesitating very much to talk to girls and while I have many female friends that I'm cool with, I find it hard to find something new. For some reason, it just seems so hard, as if I will never find a girl again. I'm always doing the same mistake and getting friendzoned! And then, I feel alone and hope that my ex will call to tell me she likes me - I think she still has many feelings for me (we had sex once after breaking up, and both agree it was great, and now I know this won't probably happen again, it's driving me crazy!). And all this is a vicious circle that damages my confidence and makes me very sad...I mean, she found another boyfriend in a month, and I feel like I will be alone for a long time. My ex loved me very much, and she made me feel very wanted, but now this is gone... And to be honest, the lack of sex has also started getting to me, because with her it was more than just pleasure; it made me feel great about myself because it was done in love.

So everyday, my mind is filled with those things...what can I do to get back in the game?


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  • 1. Don't go for girls in relationships. They are highly likely to be flirting to make their boyfriend jealous or they only saw you as a friend to begin with.

    2. You need to grieve and really get over your ex. You are not done with thinking about her and while you still have her on your mind, you are undate-able.

    3. You should seek the help of a therapist to have at least one convo about your deal and see if they can give you some advice on how to get through your loss so you can get back in the game.

    I can say that I don't think people make mistakes that get them friend-zoned. I simply think people don't catch on to the fact that someone else only sees them as a friend to begin with. Most people pretty quickly know whether they see someone as sexually attractive to them or just friend material. It is up to you to find out what category you fall in quickly and the best way is to avoid being "friends" but put it out there that you want to date. Don't waste time on pretend friendship confusion, go straight to the kill and date.

    So, good luck on getting over your loss so that you can get your confidence back and start dating again.

  • Is there another girl you may have met.. that showed sings of interest and you didn't give her a chance? There are girls all around, it's just finding the right one.


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