He never contacts me, but is always receptive when I ask his if he wants to do something. Is he still into me?

I have been dating this guy for about 2 months. I would say its really more of a fling then anything else since I am moving away in a couple weeks. Now, since I am leaving so soon, I don't feel like sitting around waiting for him to contact me so for the last few weeks I have initiated about 70% of our contact. Whenever I do contact him and ask if he wants to do something, he is always receptive and we usually end up getting together.

He has been away for the past week and I haven't had any contact with him. I know he got back yesterday and would really like for him to contact me, but I don't want to wait for that.

Is it bad that I am usually the one to initiate contact with him, even though he is always receptive and wants to do stuff when I ask? Should I wait for him to contact me?


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  • Well, form my experience, the reason I don't call ANY of my friends and they call me instead is because a group of friends I used to have broke me. They would call and call for endless favors (I like helping people), but at one point, it just pissed me off so much that I never even called them just to say hi or get together or anything. Every time I get a phone call, I still feel like when I pick up, someone on the other side is going to ask me if I could do them a "little favor" (which I just stopped doing) and because of them, I feel that when I call someone, they might see it the same way too. I gladly accept when a friend invites me over just to chill, but I NEVER call anyone out of fear of being seen as a nuisance. He just might be shy as well. If he's not, then he probably feels the same way I do.

    • But he used to contact me all the time, until a couple weeks ago when I started contacting him more because I wanted to see him and didn't want to wait for him to call me. I would like for him to contact me, but I don't want to have to wait.

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    • Ah, he has known all along that I am leaving... OK, I'll call him after lunch... normally I would text, but calling is way more efficient :) Thanks!

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