Okay quick please help! Should I text him first?

So last time we talked he initiated the conversation but left me hanging at the end without saying by (never replied to my last text). Is it OK to text him first today because I really want to talk to him but I was waiting for him to text but he hasn't. I'm pretty sure I'm just overthinking this. Am I? Anyways, should I text him?


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  • Yes, lol. It's alright to initiate a text chat, especially when the person initiated last time.

    • I just don't want to annoy him or anything and then also my friend told me to be aloof and not text him first, "play hard to get" or whatever. Should I just do it anyways?

    • As long as the other person initiates some of the time, you can know you're not being annoying. And as far as your friend's advice, you might want to consider--if you don't initiate at least some, he might conclude he's bugging you and not contact you.

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