How long until the relationship talk?

On average, how many dates should you go on before bring up where the dating is going? Like when do you first ask if you should be dating exclusively and when do you ask if this should be a relationship?

And I guess how long(like in hours) do you spend with the other person on those dates until you have a talk about those things?


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  • 4 or 5 or after sex, which ever comes first.

    • How long do you normally spend with the guy on those dates? And how spaced out are those dates? I'm just trying to figure this out because I've gone on three dates in a week with this girl and have spent a total of around 21 hours with her.

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    • And we've only been dating since last Friday so yea...when do you think I should talk to her about that?

      Sorry for bombarding you with questions! :P I'm bored now and just curious because I haven't felt this strongly for a girl ever...

    • i asked him if he was my boyfriend.

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