Is this just how it is these days?

Me and this girl are pretty much exclusive now and I have a simple question for you ladies out there.

Seeing how my girl is good looking and obviously has a lot of guys chasing her, not to mention that she's sort of a wild one as it is, she gets a lot of texts from other dudes on a daily basis.

I know that girls at any given time have 4-5 guys chasing them, but wow I didn't realize how desperate some of these guys are. They literally text her asking if she wants to come over and bang and stuff like that.

These are all flings from the past I'm guessing but she's told me she's committed to me now for good so I'm wondering if this is something I'm simply going to have to deal with.

She shows me these texts and is like 'here's what I deal with every day - retarded guys.' and I laugh but still it's annoying for me to see these guys hitting up my girl every day even though she keeps telling them no! lol.

So basically I'm just wondering for you girls that have been in that same position, do I basically not worry about it and accept it, never bring it up and basically just let it not bother me? Thanks!


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  • I've honestly never been in this position :P I only have one guy chasing me at a time, and I am pretty sure that is the case.

    To be honest, if it's making you uncomfortable, ask her to change her number and get rid of those guys as contacts. They sound like idiots anyway, they know she is not interested and has a boyfriend. So why is she even answering the texts? And why do they keep texting? They should move on.

    I wouldn't accept it, I would ask her if she could change her number or stop responding to the texts. It's just about respect, not about anything else. As soon as a guy tries to get friendly with me at a bar I tell him that I am happily taken.


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