Yea, that's not awkward....

This guy at me ex-work and I would text pretty...intensely...catch my drift? So I Haven't spoken to him in about a montj, but I went over while I was in town because one of my friends who works there still invited me to her birthday party, and I knew my good friend was working that night. So I stopped by while they were closing to go with her to the party. The dude was right there in front of the entrance. He said nothing to me and I just walked the other way where two other friends greeted me with hugs, and while I was in the back talking to one, the dude came back there and finally hugged me. it was short but whatever. It just makes me upset sometimes. We agreed to stay friends, and we Haven't text like that in a while. So why he still acts so awkward is at this point, beyond me.


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  • That's the problem with women always wanting to "stay friends".

    A polite guy will never answer what he really has on his heart, like '"go f*** yourself with your friendship bitch".

    And then you wonder why it's awkward.


    • Actually, I told him I had feelings for him, he's the one who specifically said "we're just friends"...I've moved on from crushing on him though. So you see kind sir, the problem is him. not me.

    • So why do you caaaaaaaaaaaare :D

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