(Guys):The girl or the car?

Ok guys this question is just for fun. If it come to choosing between one night doing ANYTHING you heart desired with a gorgeous woman (a night where she'll do anything you wanted without thinking twice about it and probably a night never get another chance to have) or a whole week (7 full days and 6 full nights) getting a chance to drive you dream car whether its a sports car or whatever else you might want to drive. I'm real curious to know.

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  • I picked the girl because I've never had an orgasm from a sports car


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  • Oh god yes the car. The things I would do with that car would get me in sooo much trouble but it would be worth it!

  • The car. Its easy to get girls and with a dream car it'd happen either way.

  • As long as the lady has more curves than the sports car anything goes. A tight "sub-compact" lady, around five feet tall, with a rock and roll personality is definitely the way to go.

  • neither tobe honest

    i don't care for a "hot" girl I have my girlfriend and she's fine for me and we are together and that's all I need as for a car no I don't really care for fancy cars or anything


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