Write or not to write?

There's this boy with whom I've been inoxing for 2 months evvvvery day.. nothing much actually happened, I know that he liked me and he knows that I liked him, but we are both quite busy...anyways I want to know how much he cares, and I was wondering if its a good idea to stop replying, and see whether he's going to search for me and ask me what's up, or not..what troubles me is that he is not invadent at all..like he never invades my space and such things..also I'm concerned wether he'll think that I don't want to talk to him anymore and he'll be afraid to bother me..

im would do this just to see if he cares but at the same time I'm quite scared and the situation could be possibly very awkward since I see him in school everyday, and I cannot just ignore him..but it would be weird saying hi to him, while I'm ignoring his inbox..

on the other hand I could just reply to him and see if he cares, by doing something else, but this story has been going on for a loong time, and I jut want to know, if I should keep on trying or just get over it, in the case he doesn't care much about me..

so I'm clueless.


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  • Don't test him and just keep talking to him.