Why do people not respond to texts, messages or voice mail?

This drives me nuts, it doesn't take much to reply! I am dating a guy who is the worst with this, I keep thinking he's not interested because he will go days without replying and write him off, then when I call to get my stuff back or whatever he asks if I want to grab dinner.

I am so confused, this has happened twice where he has disappeared then reappeared... the first time it took him 5 days to reply to a text. The second time, 3 days and then I called to get something back from him and he asked me out for dinner. Then we saw each other everyday that week. Now he went out of town for a week but has been back for 2 days, I called him yesterday and left a voice mail... have heard nothing since then. This all started when he quit his job 3 weeks ago

If he isn't interested, why does he keep asking me out... and if he still is interested, why doesn't he take 30 seconds to respond?


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  • i always respond to texts and emails

    but never to voice mail cause I never check my voice mail


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  • This annoys me too.

  • You're expecting him to communicate like a girl. He's a guy. We communicate differently. Deal with it, because every single guy you meet will be exactly the same.


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  • ...ask him not me.