I find her attractive but I don't know if I like her yet?

I find his girl to be quite attractive, however we don't "talk" because of certain circumstances. She goes to the same school as me but a different campus, and I casually mentioned that she should TRY taking a class at my campus. This doesn't mean I LIKE her yet, it just means I want to get to know her besides when she's elsewhere and it'd be nice to be able to study with her. She said "Maybe". What's going on here?

Also, when we were talking about movies, she said that she "never has time to go out, so I'll just order them at home". I wasn't really sure if she was hinting at something, or not.


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  • It great that you want to get to know her, but by saying she "doesn't have time to go to the movies"(though maybe true) and that she didn't get a class on your campus are probably a hints she's not interested.


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