How can I write a message to her without looking creepy or stalkerish?

There is this girl that I like and I am not sure if she does as well, although sometimes I think she does (just body lenguage) anyhow things ended up abruptly and awkwardly between both of us. So awkward that we don't even know what to do besides each other...

Anyhow we have two friends in common and I KNOW she will ask them if I know them, one of them knows me pretty well and well the other is a girl that I just met that lied to me about not knowing her...i just saw them hugging in a photo...i don't know why she lied to me.

I want to write her a message, but I have no idea what to write, it has been a very long time, we didn't get to know each other well, so I have no idea what to write to her, please help!


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  • Go talk to her. It says more about your confidence than writing her a letter.

    The difference between natural and awkward is how both of you think about the situation. So it's only awkward because you are making it awkward in your head.

    If you like the girl, the natural thing to do is to talk to her. Talk to her like you would any other friend.

    • true true but I can't meet her in real life, because I don't have her deets and I don't know her very well.

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