Me and this girl texted all day, what should I think?

So we literally texted off and on for 12 hours today. We are dating and I really want to get in a relationship with her. We texted for a long time then we switched over to MSN. It wasn't like we were responding in one minute to each other but the longest time without a response was once for like 45 minutes then a few 20 minute responses.

OK well anyway, does this show she is really interested in me? All her responses were long also. If someone responds that much and we talk for that long does it seem like she would we positive to the idea of a relationship? She isn't experienced with dating and she isn't a girl who lives on her phone and texts everybody all the time.


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  • I think she care for you , that's why she reply you back, yeah I think she is interested in you. Good luck :)