How's this for a first date?

So just a quick background: I met this girl through a music group and I've liked her since. I've been texting her for a couple of weeks now and things are going pretty well.I'm going to ask her out for next week end and here's what I have planned.

So my uncle is the co-owner of one of the better off restaurants, here on Guam, known as Proa. A couple of blocks down the road, there is a hotel that houses a band in their lounge known as "Jessie and Rubby". My plan was to take her to dinner at my uncles restaurant and then hop on a trolly to the hotel and hang out in the lounge where "Jessie and Rubby" play. Oh and I was going to take her to the little ice-cream shop in the hotel too.

The reasons that I chose these two places are 1) I'm very comfortable at my uncles restaurant and know most of the staff pretty well, and 2) I thought that if music is the reason that got our friendship going, why not also make it a factor in the start of our, possible, relationship. I also just really enjoy "Jessie and Rubby" haha.

So ladies, would you enjoy a date like this? Also, do you think that I should explain my reason for bringing her to see "Jessie and Rubby" while we're there? Would it earn me some points? Thanks in advance o all answerers.


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  • sounds mostly good, my only issue is that your taking her to a hotel after, a bit forward for me.

    • Haha. We aren't going to the hotel to stay, were going there to listen to Jessie and Rubby. They play in a lounge. And the hotel is also like a shopping mall.

  • That's sweeeeet :)


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