Good girl and bad guy...what does he want? why does he say this?

We've been getting to know each other for a few months now. He started off doing really sweet things for me, picking me up and taking me home from college 3 hrs away, cooking me dinner, showing me off to friends and family, hanging out with me one-on-one. Then he tells me he's not a good guy and not looking for a relationship because he's the friend type. I took that as he wasn't interested. As soon as I backed away, he chased after me. He would still want to hang out all of the time with just me, introduced me to his loved ones, always curious about my life, never brought up other girls (even though I know he's playing the field), but never made a move. The closest we ever got was when we slept in his bed one night and he still didn't make a move. I've overheard him talking about how much of a great, perfect girl he thinks I am, even though I try to take myself down from that pedestal, yet he keeps me up there. We do things together and he always pays. When I come home, he always hangs out with me instead of his guys. I keep my distance because I don't want to get involved with a bad guy, but I'm just not sure what his motives are at this point. A couple weeks ago, he even told me he loves me and asked me if I'll give up on him one day and I just didn't know what to say except, "i don't give up on people, but I've never been given a reason to... so don't give me a reason to." I'm going home for break soon and he skipped out on a trip to NC just to spend time with me. Is he keeping me on the side until he matures, with hopes that I'll wait? What does it seem like he's doing? Why does he keep telling me he's a bad guy? Should I ask him?


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  • He's a jerk and he won't bring anything good into you life spso move on