It's a love triangle and someone's going to get hurt!

What would you do if you've been talking to a guy for 3 months but never met in person, he lives on the other side of the state. You want to meet so you ask your best friend to go with you.

When you get there you and this guy have an instant connection.

Suddenly your friend becomes all distant and slowly stops talking to you. You find out its because she's been talking to the guy you like and likes him too.

He likes both you and your friend and doesn't know what to do. He likes you more but you told him you don't want to date just yet because you got out of a bad relationship.

You tell your friend to come clean and you also tell her that you're willing to give up the guy if she likes him.

She never tells you she likes him. She just ignores you more.

Well you like him too and you're worried about losing him to your best friend so you decide to make things exclusive.

He sends her a text saying he chose you.

She gets pissed and stops talking to him but slowly warms back up to being your friend (she doesn't know you and the guy are exclusive.)

When the friend finds out you and guy are still talking she gets jealous and pissed, then forwards ALL her texts he ever sent her to you.

You already know he's said all these things to her because he said most of them to you too, but one stands out in particular. "I love you too".

He never told you that he told your best friend that he loved her.

He explains he made a mistake and never meant it but his feelings were so confusing and he didn't know what to do. He used the "I'm a guy" excuse and also "Haven't you ever been in a position where you liked two guys at the same time before?"

He made some good points so you let it go.

Both you and him took turns visiting each other in your home towns almost every weekend.

I'd also like to point out that: The friend knew you were talking to this guy way before you and her went to meet him. When you and her did go to meet him that was the first time you met him in person and she met him AT ALL. You and the guy visited each other often while her relationship to him was based only on texting and a few web chats.

My question is, what would you have done if you were in this situation as the main girl. (not the guy or the friend)

  • Not saying he's property but its the unwritten friend code that you don't go after your friends love interests!
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  • It doesn't matter that you were talking to him first, the friend had just as much right to him as you did. She (the friend) should get the guy.
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  • The guy is an a-hole, ditch him before the two best friends ruin their friendship for good!
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  • I've been in the guys place before where I liked two people at the same time, its not fun.There's a connection so
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  • This is ridiculous. Love is not a game. (Please explain)
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  • I wouldn't give him up for my friend because I saw him first... she should give him up... but I would try not to trust him totally and entierly... the line he crossed with this friend is kind of alarming... living away from each other doesn't make things easier... the only advice I have to give you is to think about YOURSELF and what YOU WANT... you take care of yourself first before thinking about this friend or this guy or anyone else...


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  • Honestly this guys sounds like a player. He played you're friend and that wasn't right. If he liked you better than he shouldn't have sent those texts to you're friend which toyed with her emotions. You were not wrong for dating him, as long as you didn't cut down you're friend to get him. If he chose you fair and square, you're friend has to accept that. But again, this guy played you're friend and that's not cool.

  • Bit of column A, bit of column C.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would Leave the guy and tell my friend she is a hoe and end the friendship.